Family Porch Pictures + More (2020)

Hello SSDS friends and referrals! As you might know, Sarah and I are full of sadness and joy as Cedar moves on from Silver Spring Day School. I was so excited to take photos at a big preschool graduation ceremony, but because of Covid, I started taking outdoor, at-home, graduation photos instead. There were enough requests that I made this web page. A dozen+ sessions over three weeks later, I’m keeping this booking form online for a few more family photo session before the leaves start changing color.


I am open to your creative ideas. That said, many families appreciate the following advice:

If we’re taking preschool graduation photos: Wear graduation clothes, pre-K clothes, summer clothes, or even pjs! We’ll be focusing on the graduate(s), but family and pets are are definitely welcome. Finally: I would love to see your crafty graduation signs – held up, painted, chalked, car-window-written, etc.

Booking, Fees, and License

Please pay what you can between $250 and $500. I will deliver high resolution, edited images. Photo License:

Use the form below (or here) to book: